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On-Demand Training

Insight Practice Partners combines industry proven EMRs with Insight Templates© billing, collection, coding and practice management software to create a groundbreaking, single install, stand alone system that can bring existing practices or new start-up clinics to full revenue potential in a minimum of time and with very manageable initial resource requirements.


White-Labeled Clinic Training Resources

White-labeled Courses

Library of white labeled elearning courses using your clinic’s branding.

Training Videos

Animated training videos keeps your staff engaged.

Professional Voiceovers

Professional voice overs for easy understanding of the materials.

Quicker Onboarding

Reduce training and onboarding with our library of learning materials.

Add your brand identity to online courses

Provider Training

Communicating with Patients and Dress Code Policy training video

Best Practices

Best Practices workflow training for providers


Telemedicine instructional video

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