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Frequently Asked Quesions

What is the cost of Insight's RCM Services?

Insight's RCM billing services begin at approximately 6% of the collected charges. Moreover, there is a fee for handling appeals and rectifying any errors made at the front office. These charges are minimal and serve the purpose of covering the basic clearinghouse charges as well as ensuring that all errors are promptly reported.

How often are meetings to discuss our account?

During the initial phase, and until all the necessary details are ironed out, we prefer to convene every other week. Once consensus is reached, we can transition to a monthly gathering. Nevertheless, our state-of-the-art Insight Dashboard offers clinics unparalleled transparency, effectively addressing numerous inquiries and report requests.

Do you have an EMR we can as part of your service?

Indeed, we proudly act as Net Health's trusted provider for Agility RCM. This exclusive partnership enables us to seamlessly integrate Agility into our comprehensive service package, providing our clients with unparalleled efficiency and revenue optimization. For a nominal fee of just 2% of collections, we extend the benefits of Agility to our esteemed clientele, ensuring their financial success and peace of mind.

What is considered a small balance write off?

We write off any balance below $10.00 for carriers, and for patients, we generally write off any balance below $4.00. This difference will be thoroughly discussed during our initial conversations and agreed upon before the go-live date.

How often are invoices sent out?

At Insight, we strive to provide prompt billing services for all completed and coded charts within 72 hours (often even sooner) after the patient's visit. We prioritize addressing any charting deficiencies, while promptly releasing all other bills. As for employer bills, we send them out twice a month, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon.