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Insight RCM

Avoid becoming another faceless client lost in the shuffle of large billing companies.

We understand the challenges clinics face in today's competitive healthcare landscape, especially when it comes to maximizing revenue. That's why we have developed a comprehensive RCM solution tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of clinics like yours. Our solution is addresses common pain points pain points, such as billing errors, claim denials, and inefficient workflows. 

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Delivering Billing and Collection Results You Can Measure

We believe in delivering measurable results when it comes to Billing and Collection Services. We understand the importance of transparent reporting and provide custom financial and analytical dashboards, claim scrubbing, and electronic billing to ensure that not only is your ROI measured, but also maximized to its fullest potential.

Financial Dashboards

Financial Dashboards

Experience the power of our tailored dashboards, effortlessly integrating financial transparency and practice KPIs, meticulously calibrated to industry benchmarks.

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Clinic Relationships

We have a deep understanding of the intricate balance between collecting payments and nurturing employer relationships, all while ensuring efficient and effective collections.

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Maximize Reimbursement

A key element of our process involves pinpointing any deficiencies in charting, which can promptly address and rectify to maximize your reimbursement potential.

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Coding Optimization

Our certified coders analyze each visit's notes comparing them to the charges, ensuring the charges are medically justified and every charted item is accounted for and billed.

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Video Training

Insight has created custom learner videos to both train on proceses and best practiuces. Reduce training and onboarding with our library of learning materials.

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Aggressive Appeals

Effectively managing denial and appeals can make or break your financial success. Instead of simply disregarding unpaid charges, take control and maximize your chances of success.

Industry Experts

Experts in Urgent Care and Occupational Health.

Insight RCM leverages years of expertise in operating and expanding one of California's largest centers. With certified coding, billing, collections, and practice management guidance, we have developed a standalone system that can swiftly maximize the revenue potential of existing practices or new start-up clinics. Our solution requires minimal resources and delivers measurable results in record time. Additionally, our custom financial and analytical dashboards, claim scrubbing, and electronic billing ensure complete transparency and a measurable return on investment.

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Measurable Results

We ensure that you capture every billable activity performed by your providers.

Under our watchful eye, we diligently hold charts that would typically be down-coded or sent to review companies, giving providers the chance to carefully review our recommendations and make appropriate amendments to optimize reimbursement. This strategic approach, combined with our assertive appeal/dispute system, guarantees that no opportunity for financial gain is missed.

Client Testimonials

Our Personal Commitment ...

At Insight, our clients are our utmost priority. Drawing from my experience as CEO running one of the largest independent Occ Med, Urgent Care centers in the United States, I intimately understand the daily challenges and demands of running clinics while meeting financial obligations. I have successfully expanded practices from a single clinic to multiple locations, all while upholding exceptional quality and financial stability. It is this wealth of experience that I bring to the table as your trusted RCM partner.

Rest assured, I personally guarantee that I will oversee the performance of all our clients, regardless of their size. In addition to providing standard RCM services. Those who have had the opportunity to work with me know that I always provide candid and valuable insights, even if they may not always align with what you want to hear.

- Gene Howell, Founder, Insight RCM

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Insight Practice Partners has delivered on their promise. They have provided our company efficient, accurate billing and most importantly have improved our cash flow.

Their accessibility and responsiveness has been excellent and what keeps our relationship strong. They are an honest billing company that you can trust

If you're looking for someone that has experience in the industry along with RCM, Insight RCM is the team. 

John Leung, MD

- SmartClinic Urgent Care

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I own an urgent care in Florida and we have been using Insight Practice Partners for our RCM for over 9 years now. I have been very impressed with their team.

They have expertise in billing, coding, and collections and work hard to get your payments on time.Gene Howell and Michelle McGee are brilliant and responsive leaders in the field.

I would highly recommend Insight Practice Partners for anyone looking for a top notch RCM team!

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Christine Smiley, MD

- Doc Smiley Urgent Care