Specializing in Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

Agility by Net Health is the only EMR developed for Occupational Medicine from its inception. While other EMR's may have an Occ Med add-on module, Occupational Medicine is at the foundation of our EMR.  Features such as the ability to automate all mandated workers compensation forms, to use separate fee schedules simultaneously, and the ability for Occupational Medicine clients to view their own company specific data within the program accessible via a unique password, make Agility the most Occupational Medicine friendly EMR on the market today. In addition, Agility offers you the ability to give your employers a secure web log on, allowing them to check statuses, future and past appointments, and produce many industry and OSHA mandated form.


Insight has developed Orthopedic EMR templates that can be used in a standalone Orthopedic Practice, or to allow clinics to integrate Orthopedic consultation into their Occupational Medicine practice, assuring that their Orthopedic consults are documented and billed properly, and reports are generated in a timely and compliant fashion. Insight Orthopedic practices get all of the advantages of the Insight Network, such as tightly integrated coding, billing, and collection as well as Insight Network supply discounts.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care Medicine requires an EMR specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of our specialty.  The Urgent Care EMR must assist in patient flow, not hinder it.  It must be cloud-based, avoiding difficult installation and new hardware purchases.  It must be fast and easy to operate by both providers and staff and be functional day one.  It should avoid expensive up front licensing fees and be economical operate.  But perhaps most important, providers must be able to use the EMR to create accurate medical records for high quality medical care, meet regulatory and hi tech stimulus documentation, be medically and legally sound, and record clinical activities to create a true and accurate record of charges.  Insight provides all of these through its Urgent Care Agility EMR.

Physical Therapy

Insight Practice Partners specialize in Physical Therapy EMR, billing and collection. Properly documented Physical Therapy that supports medical necessity is an important criterion for a Physical Therapy program success. Insight template driven Physical Therapy EMR module assures that providers document their activities in a way that meets these requirements. Proper documentation, followed by Insight’s fully integrated billing and collection, leads to revenue enhancement for Physical Therapy departments of any size.

Latest News

February 19, 2014

Insight Partners with Net Health to Deliver Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Urgent Care and Occupational Health Clinics.

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